City of Waveland: Review and Update the City’s Mitigation Plan


The overall objective of addressing climate change issues in the LHMP update is to gain a better understanding of the implications of climate change and resulting sea level rise and storm surge as it affects the City of Waveland. The funds obtained from the Sea Grant program will allow the City to hire a consulting firm with experience in climate change for a more comprehensive approach to analyzing the effects on our community.


It is presumed that a number of scientific studies have examined how climate change and resulting sea level rise and storm surge issues might affect the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Our team will review relevant literature and summarize the state of the science on climate change and likely impacts for the Mississippi Gulf Coast, with a focus on the City of Waveland.  The first topic is what changes in climate variables such as temperature and precipitation we can expect under different projected climate futures. 


Translating what impacts these changes in climate variables will have on human and natural systems, with a focus on those natural hazards and issues addressed in the LHMP, such as the changes in sea level rise, storm surge, and flood frequency and severity.