Clean Marina Program

About the Clean Marina Program

What is the Clean Marina Program?


The Alabama-Mississippi Clean Marina Program assists marina, boatyard, and yacht club operators to protect the resources that provide their livelihood: clean water and fresh air. It is a voluntary program that gives managers the resources they need to minimize pollution. The program also recognizes environmentally-responsible facilities as "Certified Alabama-Mississippi Clean Marinas."

The program covers several environmental, operational, and management topics which are listed below. The Clean Marina Guidebook lists best management practices marinas need to implement to become designated clean marinas:

  • Marina Siting, Design, and Maintenance
  • Sewage Handling
  • Fuel Control
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Vessel Cleaning and Repair
  • Stormwater Management and Erosion Control
  • Marina Management

Why should I be a Clean Marina?

By adopting pollution prevention measures, marina operators:

  • Reduce costs associated with waste disposal
  • Generate new sources of revenue
  • Attract responsible customers that will respect and follow good boating practices
  • Enjoy free publicity
  • Take satisfaction in the fact that you are doing your part to protect our waterways.


Steps to becoming a Clean Marina

1. Learn more about the Alabama-Mississippi Clean Marina Program.
Contact the Alabama or Mississippi Clean Marina Coordinator to receive a copy of the Alabama-Mississippi Clean Marina Program Guidebook, pledge form, award checklist, and other program information. 

2. Take the Alabama-Mississippi Clean Marina Pledge.
By signing the pledge, you commit to do your part to keep our waterways free of harmful chemicals, excess nutrients, and debris. Send us a photocopy of the signed pledge and then display the original in a public area so your customers will be aware of your commitment to clean water. We will issue a news release acknowledging your participation in the Alabama-Mississippi Clean Marina Program and will include your facility's name on our web page and in public displays. The pledge expires one year from the date you sign it. You may renew the pledge by contacting the Alabama-Mississippi Clean Marina office if you are unable to achieve the goal in one year.

3. Call the Alabama-Mississippi Clean Marina staff to answer any questions.
Do not be discouraged if you initially have difficulty meeting the minimum scores. We want to help you become a Clean Marina. Please call your Clean Marina Coordinator and if we cannot help you, we will find the right person who can. Part of the Clean Marina Program is providing technical assistance to those marinas who have made their pledge. The Clean Marina Program is supported by a number of agency, industry, and marina representatives—we have the expertise to find the solution to your problem.

4. Schedule a confirmation visit.
Once you are satisfied that your facility meets the award standard described on the Clean Marina checklist, contact your Clean Marina Coordinator to schedule a confirmation visit. A Review Team from the Program will visit your facility to verify the items checked on the award checklist.

5. Enjoy your rewards!
As a designated Clean Marina, you will be authorized to use the Clean Marina logo on your letterhead and in your advertising. You will receive a certificate, a flag to fly from your property, and a free online business card posted on the Alabama-Mississippi Clean Marina web site. Your facility will also be promoted in all program publications and public displays. The Clean Marina Program will also issue a news release recognizing your demonstrated commitment to environmental stewardship.

6. Maintain your Clean Marina status.
Each year confirm in writing that you continue to meet the award standards described on the Alabama-Mississippi Clean Marina checklist. An Alabama-Mississippi Clean Marina representative will contact you every two years to schedule a meeting at a mutually convenient time to reaffirm your Clean Marina status.