Three television programs on storm resiliency for Alabama/Mississippi Gulf Coast


This project will consist of three half-hour television programs on storm resiliency, produced, edited and aired in partnership with the Mobile, Ala., CBS affiliate (WKRG-TV). The three programs will demonstrate the connections between planning decisions and hazard impact; promote best management practices for storm water management; and improve hazard awareness. Successful local projects will be highlighted and their cost/benefits will be explained in layman’s terms.


  1. To promote public awareness about the connection between land use planning decisions and hazard impacts
  2. To educate homeowners, builders, developers and property owners of the risks associated with storm water, either directly or indirectly and of the true costs/benefits of mitigation efforts
  3. To provide current local examples of best management practices related to storm water issues and to identify the benefits obtained for the individual and the community
  4. To promote public support of local best management practices for resiliency related to storm water issues.


Writing and producing three half-hour television programs on network television, to be shown at the 6:30 – 7:00 PM time slot to a wide audience in Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coast residents.  Segments of these programs can be downloaded from the WKRG-TV web site or the viewer can obtain CDs of the programs at minimal cost.


The average resident of the Gulf Coast is unacquainted with the concept of watersheds, of how land development affects the natural flow of water in the watersheds or of how resilience from storm events is severely impaired by poor development practices.  There are solutions for the devastative unintended consequences from our development methods.  Highlighting successful local projects will encourage better land-use in other communities.