Sarah Lessard MASGC Knauss Fellowship 2018

End Date: 01/31/2019



To provide a one-year educational experience in an executive or legislative branch office which will:

1) Expand the student’s experience with, and knowledge of, the policy-making process within federal agencies and congressional committees dealing with marine and coastal issues; and

2) Allow the student to contribute knowledge gained in academic programs and provide informational feedback to programs, thus assisting in the student’s long-term career and educational goals.


Provide practical, “hands-on” policy-making training on marine and Great Lakes resources to a graduate student with “hosts” in the Legislative and Executive Branches of government in the Washington, D.C. area.


A year spent as a Knauss Fellow augments a student’s education by providing practical training and understanding of how marine issues are handled at the Federal level. This Fellowship will benefit the student, as well as contribute to the pool of young and experienced graduates with knowledge and desire to pursue careers in marine and Great Lakes research, policy, and resource management.