Program administration

End Date: 01/31/06


  1. To provide a modern technologically capable, efficient and cost-effective program administration. 
  2. To administer fiscal, financial and accounting systems for the NOAA Sea Grant program in the bi-state region.
  3. To use NOAA funds to leverage funding from local groups and state and other federal agencies.


Strong administrative accountability is needed to administer and manage the various components of the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium (MASGC). The MASGC Strategic Plan for 2006–2010 and the MASGC Implementation Plan for 2006–2008 establish priority areas, goals, objectives, implementation strategies, benchmarks, and milestones derived from stakeholder input. The administration for the MASGC is derived from policy decisions approved by the nine-member MASGC Board of Directors and implemented by the MASGC Director The MASGC Director provides the overall leadership and management in conducting activities that fulfill the Sea Grant mission within the guidelines of the enabling federal legislation, local statutory requirements, and the MASGC Articles of Organization and Bylaws (2000) and Memorandum of Understanding between the MASGC Board of Directors and the MASGC Fiscal Host (The University of Southern Mississippi, 2002). The MASGC Board of Directors sets administrative policy based on input from the director. Programmatic input is obtained from the MASGC Management Team and Advisory Council. The 16 Advisory Council members represent state and federal government agencies and private businesses. The MASGC Management Team includes the MASGC Director, Associate Director, Director of Education, Communications Coordinator, Fiscal Officer, and Programs Officer; the Director of the Mississippi-Alabama Legal Program; and the Mississippi and Alabama Extension Program Directors.