Oyster aquaculture extension in Mississippi

End Date: 03/31/17

Under this project with University of Southern Mississippi and Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, Walton will assist with all aspects of oyster aquaculture Extension in Mississippi, working with interested state agencies, non-profit groups, educational institutions and private citizens. This includes but is not limited to providing expertise on hatchery & nursery operations, remote setting (for private culture, public stock enhancement and restoration projects), and off- bottom culture. As available, he will assist in developing Extension programs for other aquaculture marine invertebrate species, such as blue crab, for technology transfer to the private sector.

Specifically, during the project, Walton will assist with a training class for individuals interested in off-bottom oyster farming (Oyster Farming Fundamentals). He will also assist with a demonstration of remote setting. In addition, he will assist with evaluation of public and private hatcheries and remote setting. He will develop fact sheets and outreach materials throughout the project, and provide a monthly electronic newsletter to industry members. Finally, he will be available for consultation, site visits and outreach events, maintaining office space at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory.