National Sea Grant Law Center

End Date: 01/31/07


The National Sea Grant Law Center will integrate the efforts of ocean and coastal law research centers nationwide and provide outreach and advisory services to the National Sea Grant College Program. The Law Center enables existing Sea Grant Legal Programs, Sea Grant-funded marine policy researchers, and marine law institutes across the country to coordinate and combine research and outreach efforts. The stablishment of a digest, legal reporter, and Internet site provides information about marine law and policy to the National Sea Grant Office, OAR, NOAA, and the State Sea Grant College Programs. 


Fact-finding; extensive analysis of laws, regulations, legislative history, court decisions and presidential proclamations and executive orders; personal interaction with Sea Grant personnel and constituencies, law faculty, coastal resource managers, and law students; publication of legal reports and scholarly papers; collaboration with and creation of a network of ocean and coastal law and policy researchers through a virtual center and personal contact. 


Program projects will address timely coastal law and policy issues. Through research and the presentation of results, the Program will assist Sea Grant personnel, individual citizens, public interest organizations, business and industry, as well as governmental officials and agencies in marine resource management decision-making. Furthermore, students of marine law and policy will receive valuable training and expertise in handling ocean and coastal law matters.