Monitoring coastal boundary along Nueces County Beaches

End Date: 9/30/2015


To establish a monitoring program methodology initiated with a coastal boundary survey along the Nueces County Beaches that will be combined with previous surveys to establish a baseline for future comparison and assessment of shoreline recession (erosion) or advance (accretion) over time.  Formulate monitoring methodology and survey data into talking points for public outreach and presentation.


  1. Assessment of proper datum based on review of permits and site specific constraints (MHT or MHHW) applicable to the coastal boundary survey along Nueces County beaches by a Licensed State Land Surveyor (LSLS).
  2. Conduct coastal boundary survey, applying USACE standards) along approximately 22 miles of Nueces County Beach (LSLS supervised).
  3. Develop an interface that allows resource managers and the public to visualize survey data online through the Coastal Habitat Restoration GIS (CHRGIS) mapping tool.
  4. Document baseline status, trends and monitoring program components.


Nueces County is charged with the stewardship of approximately 22 miles of public beach. The monitoring of the coastal boundary on the Gulf fronting beach is one critical component in establishing a research-based monitoring program that will assist the County in management of these important resources. Establishing this baseline will assist in answering questions related to the rate of shoreline change and help identify parameters that contribute to erosion and accretion. In addition, establishing a solid baseline is critical to long term land-use planning and for mitigation of impacts.