Methods for the determinaton of high precision estimates of red snapper abundance in the Gulf of Mexico

End Date: 12/05/16


We will determine through simulation, the expected precision that can be obtained given the ecology and distribution of the stock, the type of tagging program employed, the geographic scope of tagging, the impacts of individual heterogeneity in recapture and survivorship rates, and the number and type of cooperating participants.


Additional PIs: Jill Hendon, University of Southern Mississippi and Read Hendon, University of Southern Mississippi

We will use meta-analysis of published studies, expert opinion and simulation modeling to determine experimental designs that result in high-precision estimates of Red Snapper abundance.


Given the precision in estimated mortality rates, individual growth, and abundance estimates report the best practices for implementation of a red snapper tagging program and describe specifically how auxiliary information can be implemented into the design. Provide an online database and user interface format that can be implemented for tag-and-recapture data storage, quality control and quality assurance, and dissemination to project partners.