Franklin County – Planning for Disaster Resistant Businesses

End Date: 06/30/15


Objective 1:  To coordinate with local emergency managers and chambers of commerce to identify three to five critical business sectors within the community

Objective 2:  To map each identified business with the following hazards:

  • Storm Surge
  • 100-Year Flood Plain
  • Proximity to Hazardous Materials Facility
  • Wildland – Urban Fire Risk

Objective 3:  To survey each business to determine level of emergency preparedness

Objective 4:  To develop a Business Disaster Plan Template and prepare and print educational material to include:

  • Map of Hazards
  • Response Resources
  • Recovery Resources
  • Mitigation Information

Objective 5:  Conduct an on-site visit with each of the identified businesses and assist with completing a draft disaster plan using the Business Disaster Plan Template


Working with local emergency management agencies, local economic development organizations and the business community, critical businesses such as banks, gas stations, grocery stores and pharmacies will be identified, mapped with natural hazards and assessed for level of disaster readiness.  A Business Disaster Plan Template will be developed and used to assist the identified businesses in creating or enhancing a disaster readiness and recovery plan. 


As indicated in the Apalachee Regional Evacuation Study, 2010; the Apalachee Bay coastline which spans from Franklin to Taylor Counties in northern Florida is one of the shorelines most susceptible to storm surge in the United States.  Based on the Community Resilience Index (CRI) assessments, it was identified that the coastal business community needs assistance in developing disaster plans.  Some hazards and risks can be mitigated, but not all.  Proper planning will help a business recover faster and more effectively, which in turn will help the whole community and its economy recover after a disaster has struck.  The goal of the project is to identify 15 - 25 critical businesses, develop appropriate educational materials and, through an on-site visit, assist in the development of a draft disaster plan.  This project will serve to assist the private sector plan for a disaster and understand how to take advantage of the recovery resources available after a disaster has occurred.  This project is listed in the Franklin County Local Mitigation Strategy and supported by the Franklin County Emergency Management Department and the Carrabelle Area Chamber of Commerce.