Establishment of a Sea Grant aquaculture liaison position

End Date: 8-31-2020


  1. Participate in developing and implementing aquaculture National Strategic Initiatives (NSIs) in a way that does not create a conflict of interest (COI) between the Sea Grant Aquaculture Liaison and other members of the Sea Grant Network.
  2. Communicate frequently with state Sea Grant programs.
  3. Support the NSGO aquaculture visioning team’s communication efforts.
  4. Convene a synthesis panel to identify the positive impacts of Sea Grant’s 50-year history of aquaculture investments.
  5. Develop partnerships with the aquaculture industry and NGOs.
  6. Provide Sea Grant leadership within NOAA and develop strategic partnerships with the NMFS, NOS and NOAA Office of Education.
  7. Represent Sea Grant at key international, national, regional and local events.

The goal of the Sea Grant aquaculture liaison position is to build internal and external support for an expanded Sea Grant aquaculture program leading to successfully implementing the Sea Grant Association’s (SGA) 10-Year Aquaculture Vision and the National Sea Grant Office’s (NSGO) Aquaculture Communication Vision.


Sea Grant has been a leader in aquaculture research, outreach and education for 50 years. Congress has recognized Sea Grant’s contribution to reducing the U.S. trade deficit by more than doubling Sea Grant’s aquaculture funding in less than three years. The budget increase provides Sea Grant with the resources needed to continue traditional funding approaches and implementing non-traditional approaches to tackle major challenges facing the U.S. marine and Great Lakes aquaculture industries. This two-year project builds on past successes to expand Sea Grant’s leadership role for the next 50 years.