Development and implementation of a comprehensive resiliency plan for Aransas Pass

End Date: 11/30/2015


Primary Objective: To develop and implement a Comprehensive Resiliency Plan for the City of Aransas Pass

Secondary Objectives:

  1. To develop a long-term plan to address coastal resiliency in Aransas Pass,
  2. To conduct a community-wide outreach campaign to make the community aware of coastal resiliency and get resident input on critical needs.
  3. To address “low-hanging fruit” actions to increase the City’s CRI score.


The methodology used to reach our desired objectives is the following:

  • Establish a coastal resilience team and schedule regular team meetings
  • Perform community engagement in various formats
  • Literature Review and Comprehensive Resiliency Plans
  • Draft Comprehensive Resiliency Plan
  • Create Resilience Outreach materials for public consumption
  • Present project results to city council


The City of Aransas Pass wants to address resiliency deficiencies found while taking the Coastal Resilience Index assessment and create community buy-in while producing a comprehensive resiliency plan to address those deficiencies. Not only will city employees benefit but all key community stakeholders would benefit from a plan that would guide future hazard planning for the City.