Coastal Community Resilience Team development of a state specific homeowners handbook to prepare for natural hazards

End Date: 02/28/12


To provide homeowner’s with a handbook to help them prepare for natural hazards. The handbook will be based on the handbook developed by University of Hawaii’s Sea Grant College Program.


  1. Develop a handbook that will be used and adopted by homeowners to help them prepare for natural hazards.
  2. Distribute the handbook to homeowners which is a compilation of numerous publications and information associated with natural hazards and hazard mitigation.


The homeowner’s handbook is an attempt to better prepare homeowner’s for a natural hazard. This handbook will improve hazard awareness by engaging not only citizens but resource manager’s and industry through community outreach and education. This handbook will help homeowner’s as well as resource managers and in some cases industry to prepare for natural hazards so the risk to home, families and business may be reduced. Through the use of the handbook it may educate the homeowner’s, resource managers and industry on certain actions and implement small and cost-effective steps that could minimize the risk and provide their home with a certain amount of security.

Given the rationale, the purpose of this research is to develop a decision making process to identify the optimal policy alternative to allocate financial reserves necessary for local governments along the coast to minimize the financial burden of cleanup, recovery, and reconstruction costs from future tropical storm events.