A continuing education program for Realtors on home owner’s insurance

End Date: 10/31/11


Students understand: basic insurance guidelines; wind/beach pool; new building codes for hazard resilience; Community Rating System of National Flood Insurance Program; basics of flood insurance program; problems of building in risky areas; retro-fitting and new construction practices for storm resilience.


3-hour continuing education program for Realtors in Mobile and Baldwin Counties; panel of experts (insurance agent/marine biologist/building officer/Realtor) with 3 ½ hours lecture/Q&A, ½ hour video “Gambling Against Mother Nature”


Insurance coverage is a problem for coastal residents.  Flood maps and flood insurance are poorly understood and new building codes/retrofitting policies for storm resilience are bewildering to real estate professionals.  The availability of CRS discounts on flood insurance is poorly advertised.  All this information is very important to these professionals and will be disseminated quickly to the real estate buying/selling public. There is a magnifier effect for this program.