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About Gulf TREE

​The Gulf Tools for Resilience Exploration Engine (Gulf TREE) is a new website where users can walk through a series of questions that help them identify the best climate tool for their needs. Stakeholders have identified guidance in climate tool and model selection as a critical need - it can be difficult to find the right tool and overwhelming to know which tool to select.

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Project Approach

In order to be relevant for a wide variety of users, we invited stakeholders to two series of workshops across the Gulf Coast (2016-2017). The first round of workshops focused on identifying what our stakeholders needed from Gulf TREE and the second round of workshops allowed attendees to test the beta version of Gulf TREE. The feedback from the second round of workshops inspired many site updates, which shortly followed the official release of the site in February 2018. You can learn more about the project by going to or contacting our Project Coordinator.

Target Audiences

​Local and regional governments, planners, natural resource professionals, communities, and others interested in increasing resilience to climate issues across the Gulf of Mexico.

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Don't see a tool that belongs on Gulf TREE? Suggest a climate tool here.


This project is funded by the EPA Gulf of Mexico Program grant “Climate Change Tool and Model Decision Support Tree for Improved Coastal Community Resilience” (MX - 00D44016)



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