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Resilience to Future Flooding

Do you experience flooding?


Sea-level rise and associated flood hazards put coastal communities across Mississippi, Alabama, and northwest Florida at risk.

Fortunately, you can become more resilient! And this project can help.

The Resilience to Future Flooding project encourages and financially supports communities in the northern Gulf to take on flood-resilience projects, like those listed in the short case study films below. Informational films, explaining the basics of sea-level rise and how it worsens flooding, are also available. All films are around 5 mins each.

Find more info below (including the chance to sign up for an alert when we release a funding opportunity!) or email the project coordinator, Mikaela Heming.

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Want an event closer to you? Reach out to Mikaela Heming and let her know!

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Short Films

We recommend that you choose which videos to watch based on the area where you live and/or work.
The "Northern Gulf Sea-Level Rise" videos are for the entire northern Gulf region.