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The Northern Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative has a new resource - Keeping Pace: A short guide to navigating sea-level rise models! In this quick four-pager, we cover the importance of model selection, helpful concepts, model categories and an example of how to utilize these models to address coastal issues.

Additional Resources

Comprehensive, categorized list of models: This is an in-depth list of sea-level rise models and tools. In Keeping Pace different categories of models are briefly explained and these tools are organized according to those categories. Additionally, in Keeping Pace we outline which model categories can be used to address common coastal issues.

List in Excel format         List in PDF format

USGS Sea-level rise modeling handbook: This handbook is a wealth of knowledge on processes that impact sea-level change, model categories and recommended readings. The categories used for Keeping Pace and the list of sea-level rise models and tools were first described in this handbook. Keeping Pace gives a great first glance at all of these topics, but for more detailed and robust readings this handbook is highly recommended.

Sea-level rise modeling handbook: Resource guide for coastal land managers, engineers, and scientists