Northern Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative

Completed Projects

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Connecting Science to Citizens

The Coastal Training Program Coordinators at the National Estuarine Research Reserves (NERRS) conducted a series of focus groups with residents and local government staff to learn more about stakeholder needs for SLR information and tools.

Mark Berte

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Coastal Wetland Migration Corridors

This was a collaborative effort by the four Gulf Landscape Conservation Cooperatives and U.S. Geological Survery to identify future coastal wetland migration corridors under various SLR and urbanization scenarios across the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Dr. Mike Osland

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Ecological Effects of Sea-Level Rise (EESLR)

A field observation and modeling project that provides coastal managers with the knowledge and tools to prepare for the impacts of tides and storm surge given the dynamic coastlines due to SLR with increased certainty as well as marsh productivity with increasing sea level.

Dr. Scott Hagen

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EESLR-NGOM Story Map: Hydro-MEM This story map for Hydro-MEM (Hydrodynamic Marsh Equilibrium Model) forecasts marsh productivity and the average high water under various sea-level rise scenarios and using a "system of systems" modeling approach for Grand Bay, MS, Weeks Bay, AL, and Apalachicola, FL.

Story Map

Original Hydro-MEM Project

EESLR-NGOM Story Map: Storm Surge This story map uses the original Coastal Dynamics of Sea Level Rise (CDSLR) model to simulate future storm surge under four different sea-level rise scenarios. Data is available for the northern Gulf of Mexico coast on 10 historic storms with sea-level rise, maximum of maximum models with sea-level rise, future stillwater maps, and future stillwater inundation.

Story Map

Original CDSLR Model Info

Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment

The GCVA was a collaborative project to enhance conservation and restoration planning by providing an understanding of the effects of SLR.

Cynthia Edwards

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Management Outcomes of Sea-Level Rise Modelling through Standardized Sampling of a Key Model Input: Total Suspended Solids (TSS)

The focus of this project is to develop a standardized protocol for collecting TSS data above the marsh plain and to evaluate the utility of these data in improving currently available marsh accretion models.  

Video Case Studies
(Gulf Star Grant 2017)

These videos, intended for outreach and education, highlight some of the success stories for projects across the Gulf Coast dealing with coastal community resilience. Watch the Videos