Northern Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative

Active Projects

The Northern Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative is proud to use our expertise to assist and support our partners' projects.
You can learn more about the ongoing projects the NGOM SSC is involved with below. 



The Gulf TREE (Tools for Resilience Exploration Engine) web resource is online as of March 2018, but active maintenance is still necessary to keep it relevant to stakeholders. There will also be an additional side-project focused on stakeholder use of the resource.




This project expands the CDSLR model to include ecosystem service valuations, economic impact assessments, and more. It will also evaluate tradeoffs considering potential natural and nature-based features under different sea-level rise scenarios.

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Resilience to Future Flooding in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
(Coastal Resilence Grant 2017)

This project will use videos to communicate sea-level rise resilience to local officials. Five case studies will be showcased in short, 5 min. videos, with an explanation of how each case study is relevant for the northern Gulf. Additionally, three 'sea-level rise 101' videos will explain the basics of local sea-level rise, amplified storm surge, and how to plan for rising waters.



Building Sea-Level Rise and Flood Resilience Capacity through Students and Teachers

This project will collaborate with educators throughout coastal Alabama and Mississippi to develop and refine an engaging, hands-on curriculum for high school students pertaining to flooding and sea-level rise resilience. It will also conduct outreach to support its use in classrooms and nontraditional educational settings throughout the region. Sign up to receive workshop and curriculum updates on the "SLR in the Classroom" section.



Will Reintroduction of Fire Along Coastal Gradients Promote Lateral Migration of Marsh and Enhance Biodiversity?

The Cooperative partner Grand Bay NERR is conducting a study to determine the importance of fire in facilitating the landward migration of marsh plants in response to SLR.

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