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Summer workshop equips for aquaculture in education

This summer, teachers from across the country gathered to learn more about aquaculture and aquaponics in the classroom. The goal was to bring systems, scaled down to the classroom size, which can be utilized by students this school year in a...

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By: P.J. Waters / Published: Oct 22, 2018

Finfish aquaculture permits in the Gulf hit a snag

While oyster aquaculture is an activity near and dear to the heart of the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, finfish aquaculture in the Gulf of Mexico is new. Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant is also helping with that enterprise.

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By: Kristina Alexander / Published: Oct 05, 2018

Journal article highlights best practices of GoMRI outreach

For many, the term outreach has become a catch-all word for a broad array of activities focused on sharing science with a variety of audiences. Perhaps no other organization understands the importance and includes outreach better than Sea Grant....

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By: Tina Miller-Way / Published: Sep 29, 2018

Finding common ground to enhance community resilience

I recently had the opportunity to interact with the Mississippi chapter of The Wildlife Society and discuss their work in the natural environment and wildlife issues as they relate to community resilience.

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By: Tracie Sempier / Published: Sep 27, 2018

Tarpon are known as the majestic “silver king”

Tarpon, frequently referred to by anglers as “silver kings,” are a prized game fish of saltwater anglers along the Gulf Coast. In the early 1900s, future presidents flocked to coastal cities across the Gulf for a chance to catch one of these...

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By: Marcus Drymon / Published: Sep 14, 2018