No Southern hospitality for invasive species

Southern hospitality does not extend to invasive species. Invasive species are the environmental equivalent of uninvited guests that clean out your refrigerator, chip the heirloom china and spill wine on your new rug. Being a gracious host does not...

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By: Kristina Alexander / Published: Apr 19, 2018

Registration deadline nears for Alabama oyster farming course

Auburn University is now enrolling students for Oyster Farming Fundamentals, a non-credit, adult continuing education, summer course that teaches potential and current commercial oyster farmers the basics of off-bottom oyster aquaculture. 


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By: Bill Walton and Melissa Schneider / Published: Apr 12, 2018

Embracing the dynamics of shorelines

Coastal areas are dynamic in nature, which means they are constantly changing. A fitting example of the dynamics of coastlines can be found by looking at historical, but relatively recent, aerial photos...

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By: Eric Sparks / Published: Apr 04, 2018

Shortfin mako sharks need your help

Sleek, strong, fast, beautiful and … overfished; unfortunately, these are all words that describe the shortfin mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus). Fortunately, NOAA Fisheries is enacting measures rebuild the North Atlantic stock of this iconic...

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By: Marcus Drymon / Published: Mar 22, 2018