Working waterfronts: In their own words

By: Jody Thompson / Published: Nov 04,  2016

We all know that a thriving working waterfront makes an important impact on our coastal economy. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers; dollars and landings and property values. What is easy to miss is a unique way of life, spanning generations of Mississippians and Alabamians and who’s families’ livelihoods are intricately tied to the water. 

There is no better way to hear the importance of a waterfront way of life than to hear it in their own words. Many efforts have been made across the country to capture the voices of those who have lived what is becoming in many cases a disappearing way of life. The National Working Waterfront Network through a NOAA Preserve America grant cataloged efforts to preserve working waterfronts from across the country.

MASGC is making an effort to capture these stories in Alabama and Mississippi.  Watch these powerful videos from Bayou La Batre, Alabama, and judge for yourself the value of our working waterfront.

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