We have marine mammal apps

By: Melissa Schneider / Published: Aug 26,  2014

You can now report dead, injured or entangled marine mammals in the Southeast using the Dolphin & Whale 911 on your smartphone. When you use the app, which is available through Google Play for Android and iTunes for iPhone, to report stranded marine mammals, it connects you to the nearest stranding response hotline. The app also lets you send a photo with GPS coordinates to the stranding network. Proper reporting of strandings allows for quicker response time, better chances of survival, and best collection of data.

You can use the app to identify marine mammals, and it can let you know what to do (and what not to do) to help stranded ones.

The See & ID Dolphins & Whales app helps you identify types of dolphins, whales, manatees and seals. You can also learn about marine mammals’ behaviors, diets, life histories, habitats and population and whether they are endangered or protected. There’s even information on how to view them responsibly and not violate the Marine Mammal Protection Act.  


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