Summer workshop equips for aquaculture in education

By: P.J. Waters / Published: Oct 22,  2018

This summer, teachers from across the country gathered at the E.W. Shell Fisheries Center at Auburn University to learn more about aquaculture and aquaponics in the classroom. 

The goal was to bring systems, scaled down to the classroom size, which can be utilized by students this school year in a hands-on environment.

The subjects that can be covered with a mixture of plants and fish growing symbiotically include biology, chemistry, botany, environmental science, physics, plumbing/electrical, business and more. 

Teachers arrived with a variety of knowledge base, from beginner (this looks like a cool idea) to experienced. The weeklong workshop piqued the interest of the handful of administrators who also joined us.


By the end of the week, teachers and administrators alike returned to their schools armed with lesson plans and system designs, as well as functional systems they built from provided materials. As schools and teachers turn to applicable, hands-on experiences in addition to traditional classroom learning, students will benefit from their time investment for years to come. 


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