Shrimp season ends early for inshore skimmer boats

By: Peter Nguyen / Published: Dec 06,  2016

The 2016 shrimp season has ended early this year for the inshore skimmer boat fishermen. They say that it was a bad season for white shrimp, and they think it was because there are so many jellyfish. Every time they put their trawls down, they couldn’t catch shrimp because the nets were full of jellyfish.

For the offshore freezer boat fishermen owner, they had a very good season at the beginning for brown shrimp and at the Texas opening back in July. The fishermen who own freezer boats at the Back Bay Lighthouse Dock are saying that they are catching more brown shrimp than white shrimp this year than last year. They had the same problem with the inshore skimmer boat fishermen catching less white shrimp than last year because of jellyfish everywhere from inshore to offshore.

Freezer boat fishermen are saying every year offshore boats are usually shrimping until to mid-December. Each year they only come home for the holiday, and when the holiday is over, they go back out and work until the fuel prices went up.  

Shrimp boats line a dock in Biloxi, Mississippi.
Shrimp boats line a dock in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Other things that the fishermen are happy about are that shrimp prices this year are higher than last year and fuel prices are lower than in 2015. Some shrimp fishermen are saying that if the fuel prices stay low like this year, they will keep on shrimping until they can’t catch any more shrimp.

Another thing that the fishermen had commented on was the new Electronic Log Book (ELB). Fishermen are saying that throughout the entire season they didn’t have any problems with this new device, and they are very happy about this new technology. The EBL helps them stay focused and stay off the zones that they are not allowed to enter. They said this new device has helped them understand how the government manages and protects these zones.


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