Sea Grant Law Center awards legal research, outreach grants

By: Melissa Schneider / Published: Mar 03,  2010

The National Sea Grant Law Center has awarded $211,963 in competitive grants for legal research and outreach projects across the United States.

The projects address coastal and marine issues relevant to the National Sea Grant Program’s mission of conducting legal research, education and extension projects to foster environmental stewardship, long-term economic development and responsible use of America’s coastal, ocean and Great Lakes resources.

The 2010 National Sea Grant Law Center Grant Competition, funded by the National Sea Grant College Program and administered by the National Sea Grant Law Center at the University of Mississippi, awarded funding for seven projects. Projects funded this year will examine the role of tax policies in the preservation of working waterfronts in Maine and the challenges of managing North Carolina’s estuarine shoreline; conduct research related to ecosystem-based management in the Gulf of Maine, the Chesapeake Bay and the Arctic Ocean; undertake outreach activities on public participation in federal and state decision-making processes; and conduct sea-level-rise training workshops for local government officials.

This year’s grant competition attracted applicants from universities, nonprofit organizations, commercial organizations and state governments. The Law Center received 13 proposals requesting over $300,000 in funding.

“The projects selected for funding this year will support a variety of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and Sea Grant initiatives,” said Stephanie Showalter, director of the National Sea Grant Law Center. “The legal and regulatory issues associated with ecosystem-based management and climate adaptation are not well addressed in the legal literature, nor are these concepts widely understood among coastal stakeholders and the general public. The Law Center’s grant competition will help fill both the research gaps and the outreach needs.”

The National Sea Grant Law Center was founded in 2002 to provide legal research and outreach services to the Sea Grant community and its constituents. The Law Center conducts research on coastal and marine laws and policies; organizes Continuing Legal Education classes and other training courses; and disseminates information to coastal and ocean policymakers. It is located at The University of Mississippi School of Law.

Here is a list of the projects that will receive funding:


  • Jessica Bacher, Pace University School of Law, Land Use Law Center. “Sea-Level Rise Land-Use Leadership Alliance Training Program.” $25,000.\
  • John Duff, University of Massachusetts, Boston. “Ecosystemic Legal Regime Development in the Gulf of Maine: Efforts and Impediments.” $24,893.
  • Kristen Grant, Maine Sea Grant. “Working Waterfront Preservation: Opportunities and Impediments Posed by Tax Policy.” $27,304.


  • Troy Hartley, Virginia Sea Grant. “The Regulatory Governance Network of Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management in Chesapeake Bay: Mapping Institutions and Regulatory Jurisdictions to Assess Integration across Local, State and Federal Scales.” $25,000.
  • Kathryn Mengerink, Environmental Law Institute. “Managing Change: Developing a Community-based Ecosystem Management Handbook for the U.S. Arctic Ocean.” $25,000.


  • Lisa Schiavinato, North Carolina Sea Grant. “Strategies for Managing North Carolina’s Estuarine Shorelines.” $23,560.

West Coast

  • Izetta Chambers, Alaska Sea Grant. “Education and Outreach Activities in Southwest Alaska in Response to National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and North Pacific Fisheries Management Council Processes.” $24,956.


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