Rain barrel program helps fight runoff issues

By: Christian Miller / Published: Apr 08,  2015

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, polluted runoff is the number one water quality problem in the country.

This problem is exacerbated in urban areas due to the higher amount of impervious cover which leads to greater volumes of runoff.

In response to this problem, the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium hosts rain barrel workshops to inform coastal residents of the impacts associated with stormwater and practical ways to mitigate the impacts of runoff leaving their property. Although rain barrels can be purchased through many commercial outlets, they are generally expensive and don’t offer much in the way of education for the consumer. During our workshops residents learn how to construct and set up low-cost rain catchment systems at their homes, along with other ways to conserve water and protect water quality along the coast.

These workshops are continuously scheduled throughout the year, in coordination with partners in both Alabama and Mississippi, and last approximately two hours. For more information on the rain barrel program and upcoming workshops contact Christian Miller at 251-438-5690 or by email

The next workshop is Saturday, April 11, in Mobile.



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