Project to highlight waterfront oral histories

By: Jody Thompson / Published: Dec 14,  2017

Living along a working waterfront is not a unique situation, but the character of the community there makes those places unique and special places to live and work. 

We all know that the waterfront is important to our economy.

To understand and share the importance of those places, it is important to record and share the stories of the people who make up the community. 

Many videos and recordings have been made recording the history and stories of businesses and families of the Alabama and Mississippi working waterfronts. 

Several videos of Alabama oral histories are available on the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium's YouTube Channel, but soon all of this valuable information will be available in one place.

MASGC is undertaking an effort to catalog and compile Alabama working waterfront oral histories and videos and create a series of educational tools so that those of us living on the coast can learn more about the parts of our culture that make this place special. One tool, a blog similar to this one from North Carolina will tell all of the stories these various efforts have gathered, creating a bigger picture of our working waterfront. 

Be on the lookout for this exciting project in the new year, and keep an eye here on the blog for its release.

Working waterfronts are important to our economy.
Working waterfronts are important to our economy.


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