Productive projects produce publications

By: By Loretta Leist / Published: Sep 03,  2015

One way of examining the productivity of our researchers is to look at the peer-reviewed publications produced by our projects. I spent some time doing this recently, and I’m happy to report that the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant’s researchers are doing a good job!

According to the National Sea Grant Library, MASGC has had around 425 peer-reviewed publication since the early 1970s. Between 2004-2014, our researchers have submitted around 90 publications. That averages to nine publications per year.

2014 is a perfect example of that average. Here are the nine publications for that year:

Mississippi-Alabama local publications

Gulf of Mexico Sea Grant region-level publications

I compared the years the projects ended with the publication years for research project publications between 2004 and 2014 and learned that our research projects result in publications in 1.7 years on average. The range of years between project end and publication was 0-8 years with zero being projects that published before or in the same year as the project end date.

As a reminder to researchers preparing to submit publications, here is a copy of our PI Guidebook. This document describes our publication policy.

I look forward to seeing what our talented researchers submit for 2015!


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