Oh, the places they’ll go

By: Loretta Leist / Published: Apr 22,  2015

What do Sea Grant students do?

Since the 1970s, MASGC has supported over 650 graduate students. We support graduate-level students in the sciences, education, law, architecture and planning schools and business. Our students have been successful in various fields such as industry, education and state and federal management agencies. Several of our former students have become MASGC research project leaders and principal investigators with projects funding new Sea Grant students.

For reporting purposes, a couple of years ago I was asked to track down recent MASGC students and find out if they were working in their respective fields. I found some interesting stories.

Between 2005 and 2012 MASGC supported 102 students. My efforts found 82 of those students. Seventy-eight of them were working in their respective fields.

28 students are working in their industry:

  • 13 are working in law firms
  • 4 are working in the aquaculture Industry
  • 3 are working in consulting firms
  • 3 are working in planning or landscape architecture firms
  • 2 are in business
  • 2 are working for non-profits
  • 1 is working at an architecture firm

16 students have proceeded to advance their education:

  • 9 who were master’s students are now pursuing Ph.D.s
  • 7 who were Ph.D. students are now working on post-doctoral projects

11 students have university-based jobs:

  • 5 are lab and field technicians
  • 5 work in management or administrative positions at various university-based institutes and service programs
  • 1 works in university administration

7 Ph.D. students have become professors.

7 students work for local governments:

  • 2 work for state agencies in Alabama and Louisiana
  • 5 work for various cities or towns as planners, GIS technicians and environmental advisors

5 students work for a federal agency

  • 3 are working at NOAA
  • 2 are working at other federal agencies (Department of the Interior and Army Corps of Engineers)

2 students are teaching high school.

2 students work for Sea Grant.

I look forward to learning more about our successful students every year!


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