Nguyen to serve Vietnamese fishermen

By: Melissa Schneider / Published: Apr 16,  2006

Peter Nguyen recently joined the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium as a fisheries technologist who will serve the Gulf Coast’s growing Vietnamese fishing community.

Nguyen, a 15-year veteran shrimper, speaks both English and Vietnamese and was hired to help engage Vietnamese fishermen in important fishing industry issues. He will offer them technical assistance in several areas, such as providing information about new regulations and proposed legislation that may change the way they do business, said Dave Burrage of the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Outreach Program. “He also will help get fishermen’s concerns relayed back to agencies, organizations and researchers,” Burrage said. “Some of the best ideas that have come into play have come from the fishermen themselves.”

Nguyen said he believes he will be offering a needed service to the Vietnamese fishing community.

“I can explain things to them and try to get them to go to meetings,” he said. “They will have someone there to help interpret.

“I also will go to the field when they are working and talk to them and see if they have any questions about TEDs (Turtle Exclusion Devices) or BRDs (Bycatch Reduction Devices).”

Nguyen’s office will be located at the Mississippi State University’s Coastal Research and Extension Center in Biloxi.

He is a resident of Ocean Springs.


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