MASGC joins Weather-Ready Nation

By: Melissa Schneider / Published: Aug 26,  2014

As communities strive to become more resilient to extreme weather, water and climate events, a new program is highlighting organizations that show a strong commitment to helping them.

The Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium has been selected as a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador as part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service’s Weather-Ready Nation program. As an ambassador, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant will continue its work with NOAA and other ambassadors to help build a nation that is ready, responsive and resilient to the impacts of extreme weather and water events.

The Weather-Ready Nation program works to unify the efforts across government, non-profits, academia and private industry toward making the nation stronger against extreme environmental hazards.

Ambassadors help provide information for better community, business and personal decision making and strive to move people – and society – toward heeding warnings, taking action and influencing their circles of family, friends and social network to act appropriately.


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