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By: Melissa Schneider / Published: Dec 20,  2017

Happy Holidays. My gift to you is this extensive list of social media accounts associated with our Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant program and/or programs that our staff members are associated with.

For example, did you know we help support education programs at Dauphin Island Sea Lab Discovery Hall Programs, the Environmental Studies Center and the Gulf Coast Research Lab’s Marine Education Center? We do. And, they all have a social media presence.

PJ Waters, one of our extension specialists, runs The Oyster Trail program in Alabama. You can find the trail on Facebook and Instagram!

The Mississippi Oyster Gardening Facebook page and Instagram accounts highlight gardeners' progress.
The Mississippi Oyster Gardening Facebook page and Instagram accounts highlight gardeners' progress.

Here’s a list of most of the social media accounts connected to our program and/or our team members and brief descriptions of each. The first link for all of them will take you to Facebook (because they are all on Facebook – except for the Northern Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative, it’s only on Twitter). Other accounts will be listed in the description.

Connect with something new on social media this holiday season. Enjoy!

Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant – This is our program’s main Facebook page. Find out news about our program including research project info, new staff, staff blogs and MASGC events. You can also follow us on Twitter.

MASGC Legal Program – Find out when Water Log, our legal program’s legal reporter, is published and keep up with environmental legal news. The legal program is also on Twitter.

Auburn University Shellfish Lab – From oyster spawning to oyster eating, keep up with scientists, chefs and growers as they advance oyster aquaculture and oyster science. Our extension specialist Bill Walton is also part of the Shellfish Lab, which is also on Twitter and Instagram.

The Auburn University Shellfish Lab is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
The Auburn University Shellfish Lab is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Dauphin Island Sea Lab – Discovery Hall Programs – Tina Miller-Way is the chair of Discovery Hall Programs at Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Discover Hall Programs offer STEM education opportunities to students and teachers. Discover info about teacher workshop opportunities, summer camps, student field programs and more.

Environmental Studies Center – We help support programing at the Environmental Studies Center where Desiree Bishop is the director. Part of the Mobile County Public School System in Alabama, the Environmental Studies Center is an educational facility with a wildlife rehabilitation program. Find out about public events at the center, teacher learning opportunities, wildlife releases, student programs and more. They are on Twitter, too.

Gulf Coast Research Laboratory’s Marine Education Center – The MEC is the outreach arm of The University of Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Lab, and we help support its programming. The MEC offers field trip opportunities for students, professional training for teachers and interesting programming for the public.

Gulf of Mexico Alliance – This organization is a regional body of professionals who provide strong leadership in coordinating regional issues around the Gulf. Our Coastal Storms Outreach Specialist Tracie Sempier is also the regional program manager for the Gulf of Mexico Alliance. The Alliance works to enhance the ecological and economic health of the Gulf, and it shares funding, science-related news and events, and more. They are also on Twitter.

Horticulture and Marine Resource Economics Program – Professor Ben Posadas at Mississippi State University (who also works with us here at Sea Grant), shares economic information regarding coastal industries on the Gulf Coast. He’s also on Twitter.

Mississippi Coastal Cleanup – Eric Sparks and Mandy Sartain coordinate the Mississippi Coastal Cleanup, an event that takes place once a year. Around 3,000 people participated in 2017, and the Coastal Cleanup Facebook page was one of the main ways organizers communicated with volunteers. You can also find the Coastal Cleanup on Instagram.

Mississippi MarketMaker – Mississippi MarketMaker is part of a national network of states that connects farmers and fishermen with food retailers, grocery stores, chefs and consumers. Ben Posadas, of Mississippi State University and Sea Grant, shares inormation about commercial fisheries and the economy, agritourism, buying local seafood and more. The accounts offer information on commercial fisheries and the economy, agritourism, buying local seafood and more. Mississippi MarketMaker also is on Twitter.

Mississippi Master Naturalists – Mississippi Master Naturalists take a course of classes, volunteer 40 hours a year and attend advanced training sessions. The coastal chapter of the program is run by Extension Specialist Eric Sparks of Mississippi State University and Sea Grant. You can find out about Master Naturalist classes and opportunities for volunteering on this Facebook page. Also, you'll find links to interesting articles about nature and ecology.

Smart Home America offers tips on insurance and how to make your home stronger.
Smart Home America offers tips on insurance and how to make your home stronger.

Mississippi Oyster Gardening Program – The Mississippi Oyster Gardening Program had its first year in 2017. Emma Cochran is the program manager and works with Sea Grant and Alabama Cooperative Extension. Learn about oyster gardening, oyster gardeners and oysters on social media. You can find the program on Instagram, too.

Mississippi State University Coastal Research and Extension Center – Several of our extension specialists have dual appointments with Mississippi State University and are located at the Coastal Research and Extension Center in Biloxi. This Facebook page highlights the center’s programs, workshops, events, research and staff.

National Sea Grant Law Center – Keep up to date about what’s going on in environmental law and policy. This Facebook page will link you to resources, such as the law center’s Ocean and Coastal Case Alert and The Sandbar, its legal reporter that covers legal issues affecting U.S. oceans and coasts. Stephanie Showalter-Otts is the director of our legal program and the National Sea Grant Law Center. Follow the law center on Twitter, too.

The Oyster Trail – Our extension specialist PJ Waters manages The Oyster Trail. The trails is an entertaining, educational and public art treasure hunt throughout Coastal Alabama that supports the Mobile Bay Oyster Gardening Program. Find the trail on social media for information about the oyster sculptures that make up the trail, the artists that paint them, the businesses that sponsor them and the oyster gardening programs in Alabama and Mississippi. The Oyster Trail is on Instagram, too.

Smart Home America – Our Hank Hodde works with Smart Home America, and organization that aims to build stronger communities and raise awareness about ways to fortify homes against wind and floods. You can learn about the FORTIFIED designation and what you can do to make your home or business more likely to withstand the next storm by following them on Facebook. Smart Home is also on Twitter.

Northern Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative – Our Renee Collini is the coordinator of this cooperative. Sentinel Site partners work along the science-to-stewardship continuum to fill identified gaps and needs in sea-level rise science and management. You’ll only find this program on Twitter.


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