Bays and Bayous abstracts deadline extended

By: Melissa Schneider / Published: Sep 02,  2016

Have you been too busy to submit an abstract to present at the upcoming Mississippi-Alabama Bays and Bayous Symposium?

Well, you’re in luck. You’ve been given more time to submit one (or two or three). The new deadline for abstracts is Friday, Sept. 16. That’s a TWO-WEEK extension. Originally, they were due today.

A few of our first 100 or so potential presenters have had some questions about the submittal process. So, here’s a little advice for those of you who have yet to submit your abstracts.

  • Make an educated guess. If you're having trouble figuring out which session best fits your presentation, read the session descriptions and select the one you think it'll fit best in. Some of the best interdisciplinary work crosses topic lines. If your abstract doesn’t fit the session you indicate, the program committee will move it.

  • Don't be alarmed when you don't receive a confirmation email. You shouldn't spend any time searching your inbox or junk folder for a confirmation email. Our system sends you to the Bays and Bayous website after you complete your abstract submittal. If you get directed there, your abstract has been submitted! There isn't a confirmation email. But, fear not. If you need peace of mind, call me or email me, and I can verify that your abstract is in the system.

  • Make all your edits before you submit your abstract. Once you submit our abstract, you can’t edit it. (If it’s necessary, you can call me and I can make a quick change. I’ve already corrected a couple because I’ve had the time. But, when the extended deadline hits, it’ll be crunch time, and that could be a different story!).

  • Stick to the 250-word limit. The purpose of the abstract word limit is to make sure committee members can make it through all of them in a reasonable amount of time. They'll be strict. So, help the process and abide by the word limit.

I hope this extension allows more presenters to submit abstracts for their projects and other efforts. I already received a big thank you from someone headed out of town for the holiday weekend. There was no time to submit an abstract. Now there is!

So, go home early, get a head start hitting the road or enjoy a relaxing three-day weekend at home. You now have two more weeks to submit your abstract. Happy Labor Day!


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