2015: The Oyster Trail grows longer

By: PJ Waters / Published: Mar 31,  2015

The Oyster Trail is an interactive scavenger hunt through Mobile and Baldwin counties in Alabama. With 20 stops currently, and six more planned, you can travel around Mobile Bay along the Trail completing the hunt for oyster-related information. Maps and forms can be found on The Oyster Trail’s website. Each statue is sponsored by a local business or group and is painted by a local artist.

You can’t miss these GIANT oysters along the sidewalks, in parks and at local restaurants and hotels.

Proceeds from the Trail go to support the ongoing restoration efforts of the Mobile Bay Oyster Gardening Program, whose volunteers have grown more than 600,000 advanced stocker oysters for restoration projects in Mobile Bay and the Mississippi Sound.   

For questions, contact P.J. Waters, coordinator of The Oyster Trail at or 251-438-5690.


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