MASGC Project Impacts

Sea Grant support to communities in the CRS Program saves an estimated $123,307 in flood insurance premiums


Coastal municipalities face unique planning challenges related to flooding, both from the region’s high annual rainfall totals and propensity for coastal storms. City land use planners and floodplain managers often lack the broad base of knowledge to develop a more holistic approach to flooding and flood mitigation.


The Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium (MASGC) outreach team worked extensively with local floodplain managers through its partnership with Coastal Hazard Outreach Strategy Team (C-HOST), MASGC crafted continuing education activities, workshops, and flood outreach projects which resulted in securing CRS credits.


In 2016, MASGC partnered with the Association of State Floodplain Managers to convene a No Adverse Impact Workshop in Biloxi, Mississippi. In its interactions with C-HOST, MASGC provided technical assistance by organizing monthly meetings. MASGC has managed the logistics for flood outreach events, such as the Home Product Show at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, the annual Edgewater Mall outreach event in Biloxi and a presentation at the Realtors General Membership meeting. MASGC also provided assistance to the city of Biloxi in creating and implementing its Program for Public Information (PPI). 


MASGC saved an estimated $123,307 in flood insurance premiums for coastal communities through assisting them with activities in the CRS Program which also reduced their vulnerability to flooding. Through a well-established partnership with C-HOST, MASGC was able to support numerous flood outreach activities and training opportunities, allowing participating CRS communities to improve their overall rating. (2016)