MASGC Project Impacts

Community Resilience Index serves as model for two sector Indices


The evaluation of the Community Resilience Index revealed that, though the CRI is a useable tool and model for an effective approach to identifying resilience strengths and weaknesses, other sectors within the community structure would benefit from similar resilience planning.


MASGC enlisted stakeholders from fisheries businesses and tourism businesses to develop resilience indices specific to these sectors.  Both indices were piloted with businesses for feedback and refined, and once finalized, introduced as part of a greater resilience toolbox for the Gulf of Mexico region.  Introductory workshops were held for current CRI facilitators and during a Gulf Sea Grant Extension Regional meeting.


MASGC now has broader outreach capabilities related to resilience planning for fisheries and tourism businesses and has begun introducing the concepts of resilience gap planning to new audiences and providing new tools to the region.


Two sector indices, fisheries and tourism, were developed and disseminated, following the community resilience index model and in response to feedback from the CRI evaluation. (2015)