Hydrological Restoration


The Hydrological Restoration Monitoring Panel (HRMP) is a multidisciplinary group that will develop parameters to evaluate the success of hydrological restoration projects. These restoration projects remove or modify anthropogenic barriers to restore historic tidal estuarine and freshwater exchange to benefit coastal and marine fisheries habitat in the Gulf of Mexico. The HRMP will develop a list of monitoring parameters in the following categories: hydrology, nekton, soil and vegetation.

Partial list of references used to develop the monitoring parameters:

  • Returning the Tide: A Tidal Hydrology Restoration Guidance Manual for the Southeastern United States [16.3 MB]
  • Restoring Tidal Hydrology: Breaking Down Barriers Workshop Proceedings [5.09 MB]
  • Tidal Marsh Monitoring (website)
  • Guidlelines for the Conservation and Restoration of Seagrasses in the United State and Adjacent Waters [17 MB]
  • Long-Term Hydrologic Monitoring Protocol for Coastal Ecosystems [11.5 MB]
  • Measuring and Monitoring the Economic Effects of Habitat Restoration: A Summary of a NOAA Blue Ribbon Panel 2010 [2.72 MB]
  • Monitoring Nekton in Shallow Estuarine Habitats: A Protocol for the Long-term Coastal Ecosystem Monitoring Program at Cape Cod National Seashore [938 KB]
  • Monitoring Requirements Under the Estuary Restoration Act [110 KB]
  • Monitoring Salt Marsh Vegetation: A Protocol for the Long-term Coastal Ecosystem Monitoring Program at Cape Cod National Seashore [1.26 MB]
  • National Estuarine Research Reserve System Research and Monitoring Plan [901 KB]
  • The National Estuarine Research Reserve's System-wide Monitoring Program (SWMP): A Scientific Framework and Plan [193 KB]
  • Regional Standards to Identify and Evaluate Tidal Wetland Restoration in the Gulf of Maine [1.7 MB]
  • Salt Marshes in the Gulf of Maine Human Impacts, Habitat Restoration, and Long-term Change Analysis [3.7 MB]
  • A Standard Operating Procedures Manual for the Coastwide Reference Monitoring System-Wetlands [2 MB]
  • Science-Based Restoration of Monitoring of Coastal Habitats Volume I (2003): A Framework for Monitoring Plans Under the Estuaries and Clean Waters Act of 2000 [6.92 MB]
  • Science-Based Restoration of Monitoring of Coastal Habitats Volume II (2005): Tools for Monitoring Coastal Habitats [27 MB]
  • A Volunteer’s Handbook for Monitoring New Hampshire’s Salt Marshes [3.71 MB]

Panel Membership

Name Organization
Seth Blitch The Nature Conservancy
Just Cebrian Dauphin Island Sea Lab
Michele Dionne Wells NERR
Dan Everson U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Greg Green Duck Unlimited
David Landsman NOAA Restoration Center
Robin Lewis Lewis Environmental Services
Andy Nyman Louisiana State University
Lawrence Rozas NOAA Fisheries
Jamie Schubert NOAA Restoration Center
Kent Smith Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Gregory Steyer U.S. Geological Survey
Will Underwood Grand Bay NERR
John White Louisiana State University