Gulf of Mexico Research Plan

Strategic Plans

Strategic plans from multiple organizations were analyzed to develop the 2009 GMRP. The synthesis and plans are listed below.

Synthesis of Gulf of Mexico Strategic Plans (PDF, 231 KB)
All links are to PDF copies of the document identified.

Agency Title Period Covered
JSOST Charting the Course for Ocean Science in the US: Research Priorities for the Next Decade 2007-2017
NOAA New Priorities for the 21st Century-NOAA's Strategic Plan 2006-2011
NOAA NOAA Coral Reef Ecosystem Research Plan for Fiscal Years 2007 to 2011 2007-2011
NCCOS National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Human Dimensions Strategic Plan 2008-2013
NCCOS II National Centers for Coastal and Ocean Services NCCOS Strategic Plan FY 2005 - FY2009 2005-2009
NESDIS NOAA Satellites and Information Service Strategic Plan FY 2005-2010 2005-2010
NMFS New Priorities for the 21st Century-National Marine Fisheries Service Strategic Plan Updated 2005-2010
NMFS II NMFS Strategic Plan for Fisheries Research  
NMFS III NOAA Fisheries Service Outreach Strategic Plan  
NMS Florida Keys Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Comprehensive Science Plan  
NMS Flower Garden Banks Current and Recent Science at the Flower Garden Banks NMS  
NOS Strategic Plan of the National Ocean Service 2005-2010
NSG NOAA Sea Grant Strategic Plan for FY 2003-2008 and Beyond – Science for Sustainability in the 21st Century 2003-2008
NSG Sea Grant in the New Century: NOAA Sea Grant Strategic Plan Executive Summary  
NERR NERRS Research and Monitoring Plan (2006-2011) 2006-2011
NERR National Estuarine Research Reserve Strategic Plan 2005-2010 2005-2010
NWS Working Together to Save Lives – National Weather Service Strategic Plan 2005-2010
OAR Strategic Plan NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research 2005-2010
CSC NOAA Coastal Services Center - Strategic Plan 2001-2006
CCSP Strategic Plan for the U.S. Climate Change Science Program  
DHS Securing Our Homeland U.S. Department of Homeland Security Strategic Plan  
DOD Naval Oceanographic Office – Strategic Plan 2004-2008
DOI U.S. Department of Interior Government Performance and Results Act 2007-2012
EPA 2006-2011 Strategic Plan – Charting Our Course 2006-2011
EPA Water A Short Introduction to the Water Elements of the New EPA Strategic Plan 2006-2011
EPA Gulf of Mexico Program I Gulf of Mexico Program Workplan Accomplishments 2004
EPA Gulf of Mexico Program II Critical Scientific Research Needs Assessment for the Gulf of Mexico Program  
EPA Hypoxia Action Plan for Reducing, Mitigating, and Controlling Hypoxia in the Northern Gulf of Mexico  
IOOS First IOOS Development Plan Addendum  
MMS Coastal Impact Assistance Program Guidelines  
MMS II Offshore Environmental Studies Program Fiscal Year (FY) 2007-2009 Studies Development Plan Gulf of Mexico OCS Region U.S. 2007-2009
NASA Stennis Space Center Strategic Plan  
NASA II Earth-Sun System Applied Sciences Program Coastal Management Program Element FY2006-2010 Plan 2006-2010
NASA III Earth's Living Ocean: 'The Unseen World' -- An Advanced Plan for NASA's Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Research 2006  
NASA IV Applied Research & Technology Project Office Science & Technology Division Strategy 2006-2010 John C. Stennis Space Center 2006-2010
NEP - Barataria and Terrebonne The Estuary Compact: A public-private promise to work together to save the Barataria and Terrebonne basins  
NEP - Barataria and Terrebonne The Technical Supplement Barataria-Terrebonne Action Plans (Volume 3 of The Estuary Compact a public-private promise to work together to save the Barataria and Terrebonne basins)  
NEP - Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program Committing to Our Future: A Public-Private Partnership to Protect the Charlotte Harbor Estuarine and Watershed System  
NEP - Charlotte Harbor Committing To Our Future Committing Preliminary Action Plans for the Greater Charlotte Harbor Watershed Volume 1  
NEP - Charlotte Harbor Committing To Our Future Committing Preliminary Action Plans for the Greater Charlotte Harbor Watershed Volume 2  
NEP - Coastal Bend Bays Coastal Bend Bays Plan  
NEP - Galveston Bay The Galveston Bay Plan: Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan for the Galveston Bay Ecosystem  
NEP - Mobile Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan Mobile Bay National Estuary Program  
NEP - Mobile Bay The Path to Success: Preliminary action plans for restoring and maintaining the Mobile Bay estuary (Volume 2 of Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan Mobile Bay National Estuary Program)  
NEP - Sarasota Bay Sarasota Bay: The Voyage to Paradise Reclaimed  
NEP - Tampa Bay Charting the Course: The Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan for Tampa Bay 2003-2008
USACE Department of the Army – Corps of Engineers - Civil Works - Strategic Plan 2004-2009
USACE II Mississippi Coastal Improvements Program  
USDA ARS Agricultural Research Service Strategic Plan: 2006-2011 2006-2011
USDA NRCS Productive Lands-Healthy Environment-Natural Resources Conservation Service Strategic Plan 2005-2010
USFWS Department of Interior – Strategic Plan 2003-2008
USFWS II USFWS Strategic Plan The Coastal Program Stewardship of Fish and Wildlife Through Voluntary Conservation October 1, 2006 to September 30, 2010 2006-2010
USFWS III National Fish Habitat Action Plan  
USFWS IV Conserving America's Fisheries National Fisheries Program Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2004 – 2008 2004-2008
USFWS V US Fish and Wildlife Service National Wetlands Inventory: A Strategy for the 21st Century  
USFWS VI U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service FY 2007 Resident's Budget Justification Targets Operational Plan 2007
USGS USGS A Plan for a Comprehensive National Coastal Program  
USGS FISC Science within the U.S. Geological Survey Florida Integrated Science Center: Applications, Integration, and New Opportunities  
USGS NWRC National Wetlands Research Center Strategic Plan 2005-2009 2005-2009
Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force Strategic Plan (2007-2012) 2007-2012
Battelle/NASA Gulf of Mexico Regional Collaborative  
FIN 2007 Operations Plan for the Fisheries Information Network in the Southeastern United States FIN 2007
GCOOS Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System - Regional Association - Business Plan  
GoMFMC "About Us" section of website  
GSMFC Gulf of Mexico Cooperative Law Enforcement Strategic Plan 2001-2006
Gulf of Mexico Alliance Governors' Action Plan for Healthy and Resilient Coasts 2006-2009
Gulf of Mexico Alliance Community Workshop Summary Report – May 2006  
MEXUS United States-Mexico Fisheries Cooperation Program  
SARP Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership Strategic Plan 2006-2010
SEAMAP Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program 2006-2010 Management Plan  
SERRI Oak Ridge National Laboratory South East Region Research Initiative  
WW2BW White Water to Blue Water Strategic Plan 2006-2009
FL SG Florida Sea Grant College Program Strategic Plan 2006-2009
LA SG Beyond Excellence – Value-Driven Need Fulfillment – Strategic Plan 2002-2006
MASGC Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium Strategic Plan: Plotting a Course for 2006-2010 – Science, Education, and Outreach Serving America’s Coasts 2006-2010
TX SG Texas Sea Grant College Program Strategic Plan 2007-2011
AL DCNR Alabama Coastal Area Management Program Section 309 Enhancement Grant Program  
AL DCNR Alabama's Comprehensive Wildlife and Conservation Strategy  
AL DCNR Alabama's Comprehensive Wildlife and Conservation Strategy (Chapter 4. Conservation Actions Proposed for GCN Species and Habitats)  
AL DEM Final Strategic Plan for the Alabama Environmental Management Commission and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management  
FL DEP Department of Environmental Protection Final Long-Range Program Plan for FY 2007-08 through 2011-12 2007-2012
FL DEP Final Assessment and Strategies FY 2006 – FY 2010 - Section 309 of the Coastal Zone Management Act -Florida Coastal Management Program 2006-2010
FL FWC Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Strategic Plan  
FL FWC II Florida’s Wildlife Legacy Initiative Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy  
FL Multi-Agency Management Needs 07-08 – Management Needs to Provide Improved Management of Florida’s Coastal and Oceans Resources 2007-2008
FL Multi-Agency Investing in Florida's Oceans and Coastal Future 2007-2008
LA CIAP Louisiana Coastal Impact Assistance Plan  
LA CPRA I Integrated Ecosystem Restoration and Hurricane Protection: Louisiana’s Comprehensive Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast - Appendix A: Final Plan and Implementation  
LA CPRA II Fiscal Year 2008 Annual Plan: Ecosystem Restoration and Hurricane Protection in Coastal Louisiana 2008
LA DEQ1 Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Five Year Strategic Plan, July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2010 2005-2010
LA DEQ2 Office of Environmental Compliance Strategic Plan, July 2005 to June 2010 2005-2010
LA DEQ3 Office of Environmental Services Strategic Plan, July 2005 to June 2010 2005-2010
LA DEQ4 Office of Environmental Assessment Strategic Plan, July 2005 to June 2010 2005-2010
LA DWF I Louisiana Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (Chapter 4 Conservation Habitats and Species Assessments)  
LA DWF II Louisiana Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (Chapter 8 Research and Monitoring)  
LA DNR Louisiana Final 309 Assessment and Strategies 2006-2011
LA DNR Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Strategic Plan, Fiscal Year 2005-2006 to Fiscal Year 2009-2010 2005-2010
LA DFW Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Strategic Plan 2006-2010 2006-2010
MS WFP Mississippi's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (Chapter V: Status and Trend Monitoring and Survey and Research Needs) 2005-2015
MS DEQ Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Fiscal Year 2003 Annual Report  
MS DEQ Gulf Region Water and Wastewater Plan  
MS DMR DMR Coastal Zone Management Program - §309 Revised Assessment and Strategy  
TX CCC Texas Coastal Management Program Final Environmental Impact Statement  
TX CEQ Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2005-2009 2005-2009
TX GLO Texas Coastal Management Program-Section 309 Assessment and Strategies Report 2006-2010
TX GLO Coastal Texas 2020: A Clear Vision for the Texas Coast  
TX GLO Agency Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2007-2011 2007-2011
TX PWD The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Land and Water Resources Conservation and Recreation Plan  
TX PWD Texas Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy 2005-2010 2005-2010
TX SWCB Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board Agency Strategic Plan, Fiscal Years 2007-2011 Period 2007-2011
TX WDB Strategic Plan, Fiscal Years 2007-2011 2007-2011
GRN Gulf Restoration Network United for a Healthy Gulf Strategic Plan 2007-2015 2007-2015
LPBF Comprehensive Habitat Management Plan for the Lake Pontchartrain Basin  
TNC Identification of Priority Sites for Conservation in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: An Ecoregional Plan  
SEMARNAT Regional Action Program for the Control of Land-based Sources of Marine Pollution in the Yucatan Peninsula (RAP-YUCATAN)