Climate and Resilience Community of Practice

Past Meetings

2017 Meeting and Follow-up Materials

The 2017 Climate and Resilience Community of Practice meeting took place on May 16-18, 2017, in Covington, Louisiana.

Meeting Notes
Speaker Presentations


2016 Meeting and Follow-up Materials

The 2016 Climate Community of Practice meeting took place on April 19-21, 2016 in Biloxi, Mississippi at the Biloxi Civic Center.
The City of Biloxi was the community host and financial support was provided by the NOAA Gulf of Mexico Regional Collaboration Team and the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium.

Summaries for Small Group Activity

Meeting Notes

Speaker Presentations (Day 1)
An Overview of the Climate CoP (Melissa Daigle)
Climate CoP Pre-Meeting Survey Summary (Marian Hanisko)
Climate CoP Small Group Activity (Niki Pace)

Speaker Presentations (Day 2)
TEK to Enhance Coastal Hazard Mitigation Planning (Matt Bethel)
Resilience (David Perkes)
Beyond Reason: Challenges in Communicating Risk (Elizabeth Rohring)
Delcambre Resiliency (Wendell Verret)
Highwater Mark, CRS, & Outreach Strategies, Presentation Notes 
(Karen Thornhill)
Climate Community of Practice Initiatives (Scott Cross)
Coastal Resilience and Sustainability (Dan Bond)

2015 Meeting Follow-up Materials

Climate CoP Meeting
The 2015 Climate Outreach Community of Practice was held on May 19-21 at the Sirata Beach Resort and Conference Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Final Agenda
2015 Meeting Notes
Video: Climate Change, Community Resilience, and Restoration in the Gulf of Mexico (Lauren Ward)
Climate Community of Practice Overview (Lauren Land)
Potential Effects of Sea Level Rise on Gulf Coastal Ecosystems (Whitney Gray)
Tampa Bay Coastal Habitats (Ed Sherwood)
Climate Variability and El Nino (David Zierden)
Climate Communication (Stephanie Fauver)
Integrated Environmental Services Pilot Project 2011-2015 (Charlie Paxton)
Save the Date (includes hotel reservation information)

Climate Education Workshop
The NOAA Climate Stewards Education Program and the Climate Outreach Community of Practice hosted a Climate Education Workshop on May 17-18. This workshop offered professional development for informal and formal educators who wanted to increase their climate science knowledge, learn about regional climate impacts, and share climate education resources.

Final Agenda
Speaker Biographies


2014 Meeting Follow-up Materials

The Climate Outreach Community of Practice Meeting for 2014 was held April 7-9, 2014 at the Orange Beach Event Center in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Final Agenda
2014 Meeting Notes
Request for Input: President's Task Force on Climate Change & Resilience
Favorite Things about the Climate CoP
(as collected on index cards from participants)
City of Corpus Christi Awarded 2014 Spirit of Community Award (community)
Marian Hanisko Awarded 2014 Spirit of Community Award (individual)
Chasing Ice Documentary Information
QuickStart Guide to StormSmart Coasts
Upcoming Financial Resilience Training-May 13th in Lake Charles, LA