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Working Waterfront Values Listening Session

January 27, 2015 from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium is sponsoring a project through Mississippi State University that will share how you value our working waterfront with our local cities and counties for future planning.

Dr. Jason Gordon, leader of this project, invites you to share your working waterfront values. "There has been a lot of talk about working coastal waterfronts. However, we do not have a good understanding about the public values of working waterfronts and associated trade offs between development and open space preservation. I am working with the University of South Alabama, Auburn, and Jackson State University on a research project funded by the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium that looks at how coastal residents value working waterfronts, and how this factors into planning and zoning decisions in Mississippi and Alabama communities. Our research consists of several steps, including a mail survey and economic analyses. We are starting by listening to stakeholder groups during several meetings held along the coast. Ultimately, we will use the information to develop a toolbox for local planners, developers, elected officials, and others to make better coastal planning decisions.

We will hold a listening session on January 27 at 10am at the Port Authority in Mobile (Killian Room, 250 N. Water Street, Mobile).

This is an open session, so feel free to share this with anyone else who might be interested. To RSVP with Dr. Gordon: 

Phone: (662) 325-8851 

Email: Jg966@msstate.edu


Location: Port Authority in Mobile, Alabama (Killian Room, 250 N. Water Street)